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                       Queen's Own Highlanders

                      (Seaforth & Camerons)


                      Application forms for joining a branch that is close to you can be downloaded by Clicking HERE

                       Obituary Page last updated on  2/12/2018 Michael McCulloch


                         Photo Page last updated on 03/07/2018 HB Lunch 2018 Photos and and Bobs Report


                      Dates for your Diary 2019

                      Highland Branch Christmas Dinner and Dance 2018

                      Dear All,

                      Please find attached notification of our Christmas Dinner and Dance.  We have moved to the Nairn Legion this year but are retaining the same caterers and the Dunphail Ceilidh Band will again provide the music.  

                      Bob Towns
                      Branch Chairman


                        Latest News for January 2019

                      wishes all its followers a Very Happy and Prosperous 2019.

                      Seoras McIntosh


                        Latest News for December2018

                      Message from The Association Office

                      The Association Office will be closed from AD 19th December to FP 7th January 2019

                      The Association Office wishes all members and their families a Very Happy Christmas and a Very Good 2019

                      Edward Usborne
                      David Grant


                      Attached is the Calling Notice and response form for the Dinner in WORD and PDF formats. Please let me have details by post/email or PM on facebook by Friday 25 January 2019.

                      Any issues contact me or Bob Towns please. I'll be marking prelim papers so don't expect instantaneous replies! Hard copies in post tomorrow for those without current emails.



                      Unforgotten Forces

                      Dear All,

                      Please see message below from Glen MacDonald.
                      Maurice Gibson,

                      Please find attached the Autumn 2018 Newsletter of the Unforgotten Forces project which supports older military veterans in Scotland age 65 and over.

                       I hope that you may find this interesting and please feel free to forward it to any individuals or organisations you think it may be relevant for – particularly those that might refer older veterans to us for the sorts of support we can provide. Further information re referrals and contact details etc. are included throughout and on the final page. Many thanks.




                      A total of sixty members and partners attended the Christmas function in the Nairn Legion.  The Association Chairman, Colonel James Murray and far travelled members including Tam Balloch and Sis Shaw were welcomed by the Chairman to start the evening.  A period of silence was held in memory of absent friends and fellow Queen’s Own Highlanders currently going through difficult times. 

                      We enjoyed an excellent meal courtesy of Chimes of Forres and the music was provided by the Dunphail Ceilidh Band.  After a bit of persuasion we managed to fill the dance floor at times!  Most attending donated raffles and this was conducted by John (Mav) Yarrick and Peter Finlayson.  The “lucky” table being the Finnie table with Sandy looking good.  A fine night enjoyed by all.

                      View the embedded image gallery online at:


                      Latest News for November2018

                      DIAMOND WEDDING AND DONATION

                      Poppy Scotland received £1065.00 through this.

                      Click on photo to enlarge



                      Moray Loons hand over a cheque

                      The Moray Loons’ Ex Queen’s Own Highlanders gave a wonderful early Christmas present to the Moray Group of Riding For The Disabled following their recent annual Dinner and Dance held in Elgin. The proceeds of the raffle brought in over £300 and this they elected to donate to RDA and chose Moray Group to be the lucky recipients. Representatives from the Moray Loons came to Cranloch on 28th November and Roddy Sutherland from the Moray loons presented the cheque to Charlotte Mountain, Chair of the Group. Charlotte gratefully received the cheque and said how poignant it was to be given such a splendid donation from veterans of the former Queen’s Own Highlanders.
                      Click on image to enlarge

                      PRIVATE WILLIAM MACKENZIE Seaforth Highlanders

                      Died 17/11/1918

                      Buried in Auldearn Cemetery

                      Nairn Legion members will conduct a Graveside visit on the 100th Anniversary of his death at 1100 Saturday 17th November 2108. It would be appreciated if members of the Regimental Family could join us. Someone to volunteer as a Standard Bearer would also be appreciated. This will be the 19th visit we have conducted during the four year 100th Anniversary period.  Meet at the gates of Auldearn Cemetery at 1045hrs.  We Will Remember Them
                      Yours aye,
                      Bob Towns

                       Remembrance Parades in Edinburgh – November 2018

                      On the 11th November the Branch members yet again stepped up to the mark and turned out in large numbers.  The service outside the City chambers to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War was particularly poignant.  The three wreaths were laid by George Givens (Queen's Own Highlanders), Ritchie Turner (Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders), and Bobby Munro (Seaforth Highlanders).

                      Following the church service in St Giles Cathedral a people's procession made their way up to the Scottish National War Memorial at the top of Edinburgh Castle to remember that day 100 years ago when the Armistice was declared.  Again wreaths were laid by Jim Elliot for the Queen's Own Highlanders, Ritchie Turner, for the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, and Duncan MacCallum for the Seaforth Highlanders. 

                      Leith Ex-Servicemen’s Club was absolutely bouncing after the parades as many of our members and other veterans crowded in for refreshments, banter, and music.   

                      Attached are photographs of some of our members forming up on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle and one in the club afterwards - with young Norman Gillies, son of Alasdair Gillies
                      George Givens
                      Edinburgh Branch


                      View the embedded image gallery online at:

                      Regimental Association Bulletin

                      Dear All

                      Please find attached the latest Regimental Association Bulletin Number 29 Jobs, which details a selection of the latest jobs in Scotland. This may be of interest to those members of the Regiment who are still serving, Veterans and their families, so please feel free to distribute amongst your contacts.

                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson
                      RHQ SCOTS - North

                       Photo was taken on the 6/11/2018 at a Remembrance Service at Edinburgh's Saughton Prison.
                      Margaret Munro

                      Click to enlarge

                        Latest News for October 2018

                      All Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth & Camerons)

                      All Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth & Camerons) Veterans and POVS "Partners of Veterans" and their familes are invited to attend a wee get together at The Crossed Peels (JD Wetherspoons Pub), 8 Spittal Street, Stirling FK8 1AT. Look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it, be there or be square. Saturday 03 November 2018 at 1200hrs.
                      Kenny Reid


                      Dear All

                      Sadly suicide is becoming an issue and SSAFA have now set up a Helpline for anyone with mental health issues or who are feeling suicidal and their families who need assistance.

                      Please see link below;


                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson

                      The Highlanders' Museum Job Opportunity

                      We are currently recruiting for a full time Business Manager
                      at the Highlanders’ Museum.  Closing date for applications is 31st October.
                      Kirstin Mackay
                      Business Manager

                      The Highlanders' Museum

                      Tel Office:   0131 310 8702

                      Postal Address: Fort George, Ardersier, Near Inverness IV2 7TD

                      e-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      To read more click on link below


                      EDINBURGH BRANCH AGM

                      Please see the attached minuted of the recent Edinburgh Branch AGM.  Enjoy reading it and keeping up with events in Auld Reekie

                      George Givens

                      Far From Ypres.

                      Good Afternoon,

                      I hope this email finds you well.

                      You might already be aware of it but I am writing to you to tell you about Far, Far From Ypres; a unique folk music production which will be showing at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness on Sunday 21 October.

                      To read more go to one of the links below.
                      Thomas Small

                       Laying Up of the Colours

                      Dear All

                      Please find attached an update on the Laying Up of the Colours of the 2nd Bn 51st Highland Volunteers in the Regimental Chapel at Fort George on Sat 8th June 2019.

                      Kind regards
                      Douglas Young

                      Gordon Highlander Kilts

                      Dear Highlanders,

                      Please see message below from Robert Thomson of the Gordon Highlanders Association Ds & Ps. If any Highlanders out there have a Gordon Kilt(s) for sale or donation,  would they please get in touch directly with Robert.

                      R THOMSON  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      Robert says. ‘We have recently had some new members joining the Association Drums and Pipes and we are struggling to source kilts for them. We have half a dozen kilts, but they are for the skinny young men of medium height, or for very big tall men.

                      We would pay any reasonable price, plus postage, for kilts in the 34-40 inch waist,  height 5'-7" to  5'-10" range


                      Dear All,

                      Please find attached the latest Regimental Association Bulletin Number 25 Jobs, which details a selection of the latest jobs in Scotland. This may be of interest to those members of the Regiment who are still serving, Veterans and their families. Please feel free to distribute amongst your contacts.

                      Kind regards

                      Maurice Gibson


                        Latest News for September 2018

                      Regimental Golfers

                      Crawford McMaster and Albert Duffus have been discussing the future of Regimental Golf, none of us are getting any younger.

                      Golfers only please see the questionnaire attached. Please take a little time to review it and then tell Crawford how you see it going forward. Based on your replies a number of us will, if necessary, take the consensus forward.

                      Replies to; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      Kind regards,
                      Maurice Gibson

                      RHQ SCOTS-North

                      Winner of Wooden Spoon on a few occasions!



                      Attached is the latest newsletter from the Edinburgh Branch.  Enjoy reading it and catching up with the latest from Auld Reekie

                      George Givens
                      Edinburgh Branch


                      MORAY LOONS - UPDATE

                      Saturday 6th October 2018 at the Seaforth Club, Elgin. Doors open 1930hrs.

                      Bus details:

                      Grant Drive 1850
                      Pilmuir 1855
                      Tollbooth 1900
                      Church 1905
                      Findhorn 1915
                      Kinloss (Abbey Crescent) 1925
                      Burghead (Harbour end of Main Street) 1940
                      Hopeman (Bowling Club) 1950
                      Lossiemouth (Clifton Road) 2010
                      Arr Seaforth Club Elgin 2030hrs

                      Return trip about 0030hrs

                      If there is a demand we will lay on the minibus as well from Rothes/Mosstodloch, Fochabers and Llanbryde. Please email Suds on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book asap.

                      Donations for the raffle are most welcome.

                      Pay on the door (£10 per head)

                      Max attendance please - all QO HLDRS/HLDRS 2/51, 4 SCOTS/7 SCOTS 3 HLDRS Cadets as well as any attached personnel most welcome. Guests from Non Blue Hackle units welcome but please let Suds know for planning the numbers.


                        Latest News for August 2018

                                                 The Western Front Way/ Via Sacra

                      A new, continuous long-distance walking path that traces the line of the 1914-18 Western Front from the Vosges in the South to the Belgian coast in the North. 

                      Lt Gen John Cooper CB, DSO, MBE (Late KOSB) was approached by a friend, Mr Andrew Gillespie a retired Gunner, to discuss the project 'The Western Front Way' and its publicity within the Scottish military community.

                      One of Mr Gillespie's ancestors was killed at Loos with the Argyll's, but in a letter home mused on the concept of a Western Front Walk in No-Man's Land from the Vosges to the Channel  as a living memorial to the dead.  The concept document is attached.  The charity has been in touch with French, Belgian and German authorities and the 1st 100 kms should be open in the next couple of months.

                      Mr Gillespie is not looking for direct financial support from regiments (but such support if offered would, Gen Cooper believes, be most welcome), rather publicity within the Scottish military community since Alexander Douglas Gillespie was an Argyll. The second document is a flyer for the project. Sir Michael Murpogo OBE, DL (who wrote the novel 'War Horse'.) is involved and gave the project a push on this Sunday's "A Point of View" on Sunday morning on Radio 4 .

                      Gen Cooper believes this is a 'fantastic concept' that he wishes to support in any way he can.  Maj Gen Bob Bruce, in his capacity as the Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, has confirmed his support for the project and the Royal Regiment of Scotland will put the flyer into the regimental magazine, the newsletter and digital media. The flyer is now also on the KOSB website.

                      A question has been asked about whether the route would be marked eg "This stretch is sponsored by The King's Own Scottish Borderers"  - Gen Cooper has spoken with Andrew Gillespie who made the point that signage on the route is unlikely (the land is owned by various French and Belgian local governments and private owners) but sponsorship can be put on route maps and eventually they plan to create an audio phone app (not dissimilar to existing trench map apps) with commentary. It is an emerging project and it is still early days.

                      Gen Cooper has asked that the project be publicised.  It is aiming to deliver a living usable memorial to the dead of WW 1.    

                      Association Branches are requested to publicise this project among their members and display copies of the 'flyer'. 

                      Further details will follow as the project moves forward.

                      Kind regards

                      Maurice Gibson


                      The Highlanders Museum
                      (Queen,s Own Highlanders Collection)

                      Newsletter August 2018 is Attached


                      QOHLDRS Regtl Association Accounts

                      Attached is the QOHLDRS Regtl Association Accounts; (displayed, as a legal  requirement), for the  last Financial Year:- 1 Apr 2017 to 31 March 2018.

                      The Accounts have been audited and officially cleared by OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator).  They had been passed initially, at our AGM, held at Ft George, on 22 Jun 18.

                      David Grant,
                      Association Honorary Treasurer.


                      Parliamentary Inquiry into provision of mental health careDear All

                      Please see information relating to the launch of a Parliamentary Inquiry into provision of mental health care to AF personnel and veterans.  Please could you bring to the attention of as many people as possible that you feel may be willing and able to supply evidence to the Committee, the more submitted the better the chances of improving provision.

                      If you experience difficulties with the Defence Committee Website you should pass your information to James Ward (his details are below).

                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson


                      latest Regimental Association Bulletin

                      Dear All,
                      Please find attached the latest Regimental Association Bulletin Number 21 Jobs, which details a selection of the latest jobs in Scotland.

                      As it may be of interest to those members of the Regiment who are still serving, Veterans and their families.

                      Maurice Gibson

                       Stone Dedication at the NMA

                      Dear All,

                      Dedication of the Royal Regiment of Scotland Descriptor Stone at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) on the 9th August 2018 at 1200hrs.


                      Kind regards

                      Lt Col (Retd) G M Vevers |SO2 Heritage | RHQ SCOTS | The Castle, Edinburgh, EH1 2YT | MoD: 94740 5035 | BT: 0131 310 5035 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      View the embedded image gallery online at:


                      Latest News for June/July 2018

                      Broken Man

                      I wrote this song with Soldiers on the Streets in mind.
                      Alistair Reese



                      A meeting with an old comrade, Seaforth and QOH, George McArthy

                      The last time I saw George McArthy was at Selerang Barracks, Singapore in 1962.

                      On 26th 2018 we met again at an old stamping ground of ours – Fort George!

                      In the meantime George had re-located to New Zealand to seek fame, fortune and love !!

                      He succeeded in all three!

                      During our meeting George was accompanied by his lovely daughter, Helen and his brother Bill.

                      As the conversation went on we “ chewed the fat” and were soon knee deep in empty cartridges, memories, old friends, a combination that sure makes one feel good!

                      Geordie was a member of the MT platoon back in the Singapore days.

                      Should any of the old team wish to contact him and make his day, please contact Ronnie Sinclair on Facebook.

                      George will be flying back to New Zealand on the 9th of September. He is currently located in Castletown, Caithness.

                      I would like to thank Seoras McIntosh for his skills in photography and presenting George with a small momento of his visit to Fort George

                      Bon Voyage George
                      Ronnie Sinclair

                      Click on image to enlarge



                      Event at the Highlanders’ Museum on Friday 20th July at 3pm.

                      Good Afternoon,
                      We would be absolutely delighted if you would join us to talk to war widows and historians about the challenges war’s forgotten women have faced over the centuries from the nineteenth century through the world wars to the present day. Refreshments will be provided.

                      Kind regards
                      Gill Bird

                       The Association urgently requires

                      The Association urgently requires QOHLDRS No1A Dress  uniform clothing for a “photoshoot,” to allow the sculptor to design the  proposed Inverness Statue’'.

                      It would be greatly appreciated if any QOHLDR possesses any of the following items of No1A dress, to help out with the  planned photograph for(roughly) a 5feet 10 inches tall soldier:

                      1. Green Jacket ;   44 – 46 inch chest with “ elephant”collar dogs & buttons.”
                      2. White belt  with Regtl Buckle

                      3    White gloves

                      1. No1 Dress Hair Sporran
                      2. Red & white diced hose & flashes
                      3. Regtl Spats to for size 10 brogues
                      4. Rifle Sling.

                      Photo will be taken in Cameron Bks. The  Association will pay all postage and return all items to owners.

                      Grateful if you could email me Email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of items you can help out with, please.

                      Yours aye – David Grant
                      Association Treasurer
                      Tel;  0131-310- 8139 (Mon & Weds)


                      Click on link below to read

                      Edward Usborne


                      MARK CARNEY, BW

                      I would like to let you know I am trying to organise a small memorial parade at the grave side of a young soldier who was tragically killed in Northern Ireland 1978 whilst attached to 5 platoon B Company QOHldrs Pte Mark Donald Carnie Black Watch.
                      He was killed in Dunganon on the 19th July 1978 (40 years ago) at the tender age of 18.
                      To read more on this go to one of the links below.

                      Yours aye
                      Bobby Costello

                      latest SCOTS Newsletter

                      Dear All,
                      Please see attached the latest SCOTS Newsletter / Update.

                      Please also be aware that this Headquarters is to migrate to MODNET
                      (new MOD IT system) next week and in preparation for that my Role E-mail address;

                      (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

                      Will no longer accept e-mails so for the time being please direct all e-mails to;

                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson


                      Royal British Legion Scotland

                      Inverness Branch

                      As all members will know 2018 is the final year of the four-year WW1 Commemorations. The Inverness Branch will be heavily involved in these Commemorations and are looking for your help with these events. We are looking for volunteers with good co-ordination skills to assist our Branch Working Group Secretary (David Taylor)
                      To read more on this go to one of the links below


                      Transport for lunch Sunday 01 July at British legion Nairn

                      dep; Elgin town hall at 1130hrs

                      rtn;   approx. 1600hrs

                      Your Aye
                      Ronnie Sinclair


                      LAYING UP OF THE 2/51 HIGHLAND COLOURS – FORT GEORGE, 8 JUNE 2019

                      The Colours of the 2nd Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers will be laid up in the Regimental Chapel at Fort George on Saturday, 8th June 2019. Former members of the battalion are planning a solemn, fitting occasion which will also provide a reunion opportunity for All Ranks (including permanent staff) and their families.
                      To Read more go to one of the links below

                      From: Jo Lenihan [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
                      Sent: 13 June 2018 16:04
                      Subject: Consultation on new £4 million Programme

                      Good afternoon

                      The AF Covenant Fund Trust has launched a consultation to shape a new £4million programme to find new and innovative way of working to reduce serious stress in veterans, their careers and families.  Have your say takes you to information on how to take part in the consultation.  It may be of interest to you or you may know someone who would be prepared to take part in the consultation so please distribute as appropriate.

                      Also of interest might be a press release relating to a report on a new approach to supporting lives of ex-service personnel dealing with limb loss.  This article can be accessed here

                      Kind regards

                       Photos of the Unavailing of Queen’s Own Highlanders Statue at the National Memorial Arboretum 16th June 2018
                      Seoras McIntosh

                      Just CLICK on the Image to open photos

                      Gallery 1


                      View the embedded image gallery online at:







                      Gallery 2

                      View the embedded image gallery online at:








                      View the embedded image gallery online at:

                      Inverness Coach Departure: Friday 15 June 18

                      1.    0815hrs onwards - Would all pers please approach Cameron Bks through Wimberley Way direction ( not the main Bks Entrance).

                      The Coach will arrive at 0830hrs , on the Bks Square and depart at 0900hrs for the Arboretum. ETA Premier Inn – by 1830hrs hopefully!

                      2.    Cars passes will be issued by me on your arrival, and please park in he  Barracks Official car Park area.

                      3. On return, Sunday, hopefully  by 1900hrs. Coach pers disembark in Cameron Bks and disperse.

                      David Grant RHQ

                       The Plaque

                      It is a very proud moment for me indeed when I see the plaque that I unveiled with Madam La Mair now being displayed in the Town Hall Metern.

                      This was all due to my good friends The Flanders Jocks and I thank them with all my heart for all the great work they do to represent the Scottish Regiments WW1

                      Seoras McIntosh
                      Click on image to enlarge

                      Latest News for May 2018

                      PROGRAMME: Queen's Own Highlanders – STATUE UNVEILING CEREMONY [ W/end 15/17 June 2018 ]

                      Welcome      (Estimated attendance : 250)

                      Friday 15 June: 1830pm   For those laying a wreath – Please collect from Chairman or Maj Edward Usborne, Secretary, at the Premier Inn.
                      To read more go to one of the liks below.


                      Northern Ireland immunity from prosecution

                      Can I draw to your attention the campaign to give soldiers who served in Northern Ireland immunity from prosecution and ask you to register your support for this campaign on the link below my signature block.
                      To read more go to one of the links below.


                      People who have paid and  requiring a vegetarian lunch on Sat 16 June, in the Marquee at the Arboretum, after the Dedication Service, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to allow booking numbers to be set aside  for vegetarians.

                      Many thanks
                      David Grant

                      Dundee Combined Ex-Services Association

                      I write as the Secretary of the City of Dundee Combined Ex-Services Association to inform you that the City of Dundee will be hosting a short parade for Armed Forces Veterans and Youth Organisations on Saturday 23rd June 2018. The parade will step off from Dundee High School at 1200 hours marching down Reform Street to the City Square. The raising of the Armed Forces Flag will commence on our arrival, then an inspection of the Veterans conducted by Lt General Sir ASH Irwin KCB, CBE will be conducted.

                      The inspection will be followed by a couple of speeches then a brief church service, followed by the march off.

                      After the parade, lunch will be available in the Caird Hall consisting of Sausage Rolls, Sandwiches and a beer or two.

                      Your Regimental Association Veterans are cordially invited to attend this parade and all I would request that if they will be attending, please let me know by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      Kindest Regards to the Regiment
                      Major (Retd) Colin Gray
                      Black Watch

                      EDDIE CZARNECKI

                      I just got this from Pat Ferguson (11/05/2018)

                      “I'm not on any Bn sites. Could you put on that Eddie Czarnecki ex A/T left Bn during Hong Kong is in

                      hospital with Kidney failure. Harmyres hospital ward 2 phone number 01355 585021

                      George Givens
                      Edinburgh BranchX

                      Poppy Ball

                      Dear All

                      Colonel Roddy Wood and Frances Beveridge (Poppy Scotland) have asked that I help and advertise

                      their Poppy Ball to be held on 23 June at Drumossie Hotel, Inverness.

                      Please see attached Poster.
                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson


                      The attached newsletter will give you an insight into what the Edinburgh Branch has been up to recently, and amongst other things, gives details about the Armed Forces Day Parade in Edinburgh, and how to get tickets for our Summer Dance.

                      Enjoy reading it

                      George Givens
                      Edinburgh Branch


                      Poppy Ness Veterans

                      Dear All,
                      Would you please advertise the following on behalf of Poppy Ness Veterans who are working with Poppy Scotland (Strothers Lane, Inverness).

                      Poppy Ness Veterans (Tripartite Veterans Group) are keen to advertise the service and support Poppy Scotland can provide to veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces and also raise £1918 to mark the Centenary of WW1.

                      To that end they will be present on The High Street, Inverness (outside M&S / the Bank of Scotland) on Saturday 16th June between 10.00hrs and 16.00hrs.

                      Please see attached Poster.

                      I would encourage you to visit the High Street on the 16th and support Poppy Ness Veterans and learn more about the work of Poppy Scotland.

                      Thank you for your support.
                      Maurice Gibson

                      Click to enlarge

                      Regimental Association Bulletin

                      Dear All,
                      Please find attached Regimental Association Bulletin 13 Jobs, which details a selection of the latest jobs in Scotland.
                      These may be of interest to Scottish servicemen, veterans and their families and the Armed Forces Community.

                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson

                       Mr Duncan Foster on the award of the Legion of Honour

                      Photograph Captions:

                      George Givens, Jimmy Sherry, Eddie Maley, and Charlie Millar congratulate Mr Duncan Foster on the award of the Legion of Honour

                      Piper Jim Elliot gets a request from Mr Foster - "Do you know March of the Cameron Men son?"
                      Click on image to enlarge



                      Latest News for April 2018

                      FROM RHQ INVERNESS

                      Dear All

                      Please find attached SCOTS Newsletter for Feb/Mar 18

                      And the Regimental Association Bulletin 11 Jobs, which details a selection of the latest jobs in Scotland.

                      This may be of interest to Scottish servicemen, veterans and their families and the Armed Forces Community.

                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson

                      Regimental Association BulletinClick below

                      For SCOTS Newsletter Click Below

                       Giles Nevill "One for Cabarfeidh"

                      After a really knackering 42.195 km row in blistering heat, (a tired and emotional) "ONE FOR CABAR FEIDH" especially for those from our Regiment who I know have had / are having a hard time in life as a result of their experiences in the Army. Sadly, I suspect there will be others ..... this was for you.


                      Highland Branch AGM April 2018

                      The minutes are now here for you to read

                       Regimental Association Bulletin

                      Dear All,

                      Please find attached Regimental Association Bulletin 10 Jobs, which details a selection of the latest jobs in Scotland. This may be of interest to Scottish servicemen, veterans and their families and the Armed Forces Community.

                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson

                      Latest News for March 2018

                      Commemorative Service

                      Dear All,

                      Please see attached poster advertising a Commemorative Service that will be held at Cavell Gardens, Inverness at 08.00hrs on April 23rd 2018. It will be followed by a Breakfast in C Coy 7SCOTS Drill Hall, Gordonville Road.

                      Please pass the word around, all welcome.

                      Kind regards
                      Maurice Gibson


                      EDINBURGH BRANCH NEWSLETTER - MARCH 2018

                      Attached is the latest newsletter from Edinburgh.  Enjoy reading it

                      George Givens
                      Edinburgh Branch


                      Letters Attached
                      Yours Aye
                      Bob Towns


                      HIGHLAND BRANCH AGM LETTER

                       2 SCOTS at Glencorse Barracks

                      Dear All,

                      2 SCOTS at Glencorse Barracks, Penicuik have organised a Rugby Sevens Tournament to be held on Saturday 5 May 18 at Glencorse Barracks. We would be delighted to welcome you all to the President’s Tent  for what promises to be an entertaining and competitive day of rugby, with the first match kicking off at 1000.

                      This year’s tournament will be run as a 2 SCOTS event, with the intention of holding a larger Regimental Sevens tournament next year at a location yet to be confirmed.

                      Yours Aye
                      Lawrie Wotherspoon

                      Statue at National Memorial Arboretum

                      Click to enlarge

                      Above is a photograph of the 600mm high maquette of the ¾ life size figure that will be unveiled at the  National Memorial Arboretum on 16th June. The maquette in bronze costs £2,350 + VAT and is a limited edition of 12, there are 11 remaining. The maquette can also be produced as a bronze resin cast which is much lighter than the bronze one but otherwise exactly the same. It weighs less because it is cast in a mixture of bronze chips and resin and the cost is £1,150 + VAT.

                      If anyone would like a cold cast version of the ¾ life size statue, an exact copy of the bronze statue destined for the Arboretum, it would cost £3,500 + VAT. It is 4ft 6ins high.

                      If anyone wishes to order a maquette or the ¾ life size statue could they please contact James Murray on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If they have queries his phone number is 01808 521205.

                      Many thanks,

                      James Murray

                      Latest News for February  2018

                      The Highlanders’ Museum Queen’s Own (Highlanders Collection)

                      The museum newsletter is now available by clicking on one of the links below

                      John Bailey

                       The Seaforth Regimental Association Dinner

                      The 69th Annual Reunion Dinner of The Seaforth Regimental Association ( Ross-shire Branch) will be held in the Ross Hall, High Street, Dingwall on Friday 9th March 2018 - 7.30 pm for 8.00 pm.

                      Tickets,which cost £20 each, can be reserved by contacting Bob Shanks on 01463-242915.

                      Many thanks

                      Yours aye
                      Bob Shanks

                      FRIDAY 9th FEBRUARY 2018 FORT GEORGE

                      Just to inform you that those catching the bus from Elgin to attend the above function
                      The bus will leave The Elgin Town Hall at 18.00Hr on the 9th of Feb

                      Ronnie Sinclair



                      There was a great atmosphere at the Edinburgh Branch Amalgamation Dinner (Saturday 10th February 2018) 

                      Padre Angus Smith was our Guest of Honour and gave a good after-dinner speech in his own inimitable style.  Angus was the Battalion’s Padre from 1973 - 1976 and knows Regimental characters very well.  He was also Padre to the SCOTS Guards during the Falklands campaign so is no stranger to being at the Sharp End!  He finished by giving the toast to the Queen’s Own Highlanders - to a hearty “Cabarfeidh Gu Brath” reply from the assembled company

                      Dougie Shepherd went on to give a very fitting toast to our regular Battalion - 4 SCOTS (The Highlanders)

                      The catering was provided by ex ACC chef Andy Henderson of Bistro52 in Uphall and the food was exceptional and plentiful

                      The young 16-17 year old pipers from Edinburgh Academy as usual were excellent and our singer for the night soon got everyone dancing.  Bobby Munro gave the Regimental Toast in Gaelic - to which Padre Smith confirmed that, yes, it certainly was Gaelic!

                      All in all, a great night

                      George Givens
                      Edinburgh Branch

                      Latest News for January 2018

                      Unforgotten Forces Consortium and Hearing Forces Project

                      Dear All,

                      I have recently had a very good meeting with;

                      Angela Paton

                      Hearing Forces Project Officer - North Action on Hearing Loss Scotland
                      14 New Row
                      PH1 5QA

                      Office Telephone: 01738 440723
                      Mobile: 07464 828452
                      Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                      Fax: 0141-354-0176

                      To read more on this click on one of the links below

                       VAN DRIVERS REQUIRED


                      Dear All,

                      Please see attached 2 x adverts, one for patient drivers and one for van drivers sent on behalf of Highland Hospice in the event that some members of the veterans community or their families may have some spare time on their hands and would be willing to volunteer for Highland Hospice as Van or Patient drivers. The adverts are self-explanatory but if you have any questions do contact any of the staff mentioned and they will be happy to advise you.

                      This message has been sent on behalf of Emily Patrick and Fiona Stoddart (as per details below).

                      Yours sincerely,
                      Maurice Gibson
                      Van Driver Info:-

                      Patient Driver Info:-

                      FRIDAY 9th FEBRUARY 2018 FORT GEORGE

                      Dear All, See attached. Time to get your returns in. Come along and hear what Walter Walker, our Chief Guest has to say. CFGB
                      Happy New Year to All.

                      Bob Towns


                      Generals, Ladies and Gentlemen,

                      Please find attached the calling letter for the unveiling of our Statue at the National Arboretum on 16th June 2018. Please spread it far and wide.
                      Happy New Year to you all,

                      Edward Usborne

                      CALL FOR INFORMATION

                      Many of you will know that the Regimental Association is going to unveil a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in June this year, to which the families of those on our Regimental Roll of Honour will be invited. Unfortunately, over the years, RHQ has lost contact with some of the families they wish to invite. If anyone therefore knows the name and address of the next of kin of the following three members of the regiment, can you please either send me a private message via Messenger, or email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will pass the contact details on to RHQ:

                      Cpl Mattie Glasgow Belize 27 Aug 1976

                      Pte Alan MacMillan NI 8 July 1979

                      LCpl Victor MacLeod NI 27 Aug 1979

                      Thanks in advance
                      George Givens
                      Edinburgh Branch

                      The Highlander Newsletter 2017

                      Dear All
                      I am delighted to inform you that The Highlander Newsletter 2017 has been completed and my thanks goes to Cohorts By Design Ltd

                      in Galashiels, Selkirkshire for all their assistance in getting us to this point.

                      To view the 115 page colour Newsletter telling the stories of Regular, Reserve and Cadet units, RN and Overseas affiliations and

                      what the antecedent veteran associations have been upto, some sport and most importantly to remember those who have sadly

                      died in 2017 please now go to the link below.


                      The link will ‘welcome you’ and show the Front Cover of The Newsletter 2017 online and to its right it will give you 3 options;

                      1.      Flipbook – Click here to view (read) in the flipbook format.

                      2.      PDF

                      a.       Single page (good for printing off for a hard copy).

                      b.      Double page (good for screen viewing).

                      Please select the format that best suits your needs and equipment capability.

                      There are hundreds of pictures in the Newsletter so I would ask you to forward this e-mail / link to anyone you recognise so they too

                      can reminisce over the year past.

                      Please give the document aser;">Latest News for January 2017

                      Transport for our amalgamation dinner at Ft George on 10th Feb

                      Hi, me old muckers, transport for our amalgamation dinner at Ft George on 10th Feb. for Elgin/Forres loons only.

                      Dep. Elgin 1800 hrs. Sharp!!

                      Dep Forres 1830 hrs. Sharp!!

                      Inverness have their own arrangements.

                      Look forward to seeing you all.

                      Ronnie Sinclair

                      CHARLIE O'LOAN

                      Charlie O'Loan is currently in the Marie Curie Hospice in Frogston Road West, Edinburgh and unfortunately has not got that long to live (terminal cancer).  I visited him today (23/01/17) and although not very mobile, he chatted away OK

                      If anyone knows Charlie and is in the Edinburgh area and would like to visit him, he would be more than happy to see any of his old buddies.  

                      I have asked Charlie's son to keep me informed of the situation

                      George Givens
                      Edinburgh Branch

                       JIB Shorncliff Reunion

                      I have been asked by three veterans from the DWR, to see if there is an appetite for a reunion this September 2017. 50 years ago the camp opened its gates to 1000, 15 year olds. The gathering would be for anyone that started out in JIB. All three of the DWR lads started their army careers off as junior solders in Sir John Moore Barracks. I did myself.
                      Major (Retired ) Ralph MM
                      To read more go to one of the links below.

                      Battlefield Tour September 2017

                      This is open to all Ex Queens Own Highlanders Connected Reservists Cadet Adults and Families plus museum staff and volunteers.

                      As promised I now have the dates and basic Itinerary along with other have relevant details for the battlefield study in September:

                      The cost will be £390 PP (single person supplement is an additional £35 per night)
                      To read more go to one of the links below.
                      Dave Chapman

                      Booking Form Below


                       The SCOTS Regimental Association Branches

                      Dear All.

                      The SCOTS Regimental Association branches – Edinburgh (Branch 001) and Inverness (Branch 003) will be holding their next branch meetings at the following:

                      Edinburgh.  Redford Sgts Mess Thurs 26th Jan 17. 1900-2100.

                      Inverness.  C Coy 7 SCOTS, Gordonville Rd, Inverness Tues 31st Jan 17.  1900-2100.

                      Can I please ask that you advertise this around your antecedent community to garner as much support as possible? There will I am sure be SCOTS Veterans who are affiliated to your Branches or who read your websites who might like to consider supporting these fledgling branches.
                      As a reminder, the SCOTS Association will welcome all serving and former soldiers of The Royal Regiment of Scotland and all former soldiers from all our antecedent regiments. There is no set agenda other than the bar will be open for a drink and it’s a chance for us to foster our esprit de corps.
                      Kind regards,
                      Maurice Gibson

                      Leo is Remembered

                      3 members of the Liverpool Scottish Association, Lenny Osbourne, Jim and Doreen Smith and 6 Queen's Own Highlanders, Colin Hughes, Ronnie Baybut, Kenny Banks, John Gribbon, Jim Ryan and Andy [Robert] Capp, attended the cremation of Leo. Colin played Leo into the crematorium and played the lament at the end of the service to which he received a very warm round of applause. After the service, Leo's daughter, Julie thanked every one of us and told us she was thrilled that we had attended. Kenny and Ronnie gave her some photos of her dad which she had not seen before.
                      Jimmy Ryan.

                      Liverpool Lads,
                      I would like to thank you all for the support that you gave Leo’s daughter Julie.
                      A special thanks to Colin for playing the Bagpipes. I am only sorry that I could not have been there myself.
                      C F G B

                      Regards to you all,

                                                   Tam Hunter Writes:
                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      I would just like to say thanks to all the liverpool boys,Leo deserved a good send off and we can always depend on our scouse friends to do the right thing.

                      Tam Balloch MBE Writes:-

                       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      Tosh just to say you do a wonderful job on your web site and have done for years Its great getting all the info from you and others ref the Regiment keep up the great WORK.


                                               We'll Say the Blessing

                      Chonie Monro is doing the official launch of her book, "We'll Say the Blessing" at Birnie Kirk Hall on Saturday 21st January between 11 am and 2 pm and she would be delighted to see as many of you as she can.

                      I can assure you that this book is well worth a read and some of it is very funny

                      Hugh will be there serving the teas and mulled wine and that in itself is well worth a visit

                      Sample Below click to enlarge

                      Guest Book

                      I can only apologise for having to take down the Guest Book but this is due to getting sent a lot of SPAM
                      Meanwhile I am working on getting a new guestbook and I will put up any message you send up on the homepage.
                      You can use the Contact page to send your messages and photos you may have
                      Seoras McIntosh

                      Ian Geddes Writes:-

                      Very sad to see the passing of King Kenny Urquart a great bn footballer saw him as a young lad playing for Nairn County along with Johnny Bateson, I only played a few times with him as he had come to the end of his career but he still had it.
                      Also sad to see the passing of Freddie Mair.
                      RIP CFG.

                      Regimental Association Bulletin 1

                      Dear All.

                      Please find attached Regimental Association Bulletin 1 Jobs, which details a selection of the latest jobs in Scotland. As this will be of interest to Scottish servicemen, veterans and their families and the Armed Forces Community.

                      Maurice Gibson

                       Highlanders News Letter

                      Dear All,

                      Happy New Year

                      Good news The Highlanders Newsletter 2016 is now complete and online at http://www.thehighlanderonline.co.uk 

                      There are various ways to review / read it but the link explains that in a straight forward manner.

                      Please pass it to anyone who you may think will enjoy it.

                      Warmest Regards
                      Maurice Gibson

                      Happy 2017

                      I wish all my followers a very prosperous 2017 and hope you will continue to use this website to put up your photos and information and this will give me the encouragement to keep it going.

                      Seoras McIntosh

                      51st Highland Division at St.Valéry-en-Cau

                      We would like to invite you to attend an illustrated talk by Brigadier (Ret'd) C S Grant OBE on Wednesday 15th February 2017.
                      Meet at The Highlanders’ Museum, Fort George at 6.30pm for a drink and look round the museum ready for the lecture at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 which includes light refreshments. Telephone 0131 310 8701 or book online
                      The illustrated talk will give an overview of the one of the most poignant and painful events from the start of the Second World War – the surrender and capture of the 51st Highland Division at St.Valéry-en-Caux. It is a story of tremendous endeavour and outstanding bravery by Scottish soldiers in one of the key episodes in World War Two, told by one of the country’s leading experts on the subject. Please find a poster attached. If you would distribute amongst your contacts we would be very grateful.
                      I look forward to seeing you at the Museum.
                      Kind Regards
                      Gill Bird

                      Education and Outreach Officer
                      The Highlanders' Museum






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